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Calontir CD Volume II download


This is volume II of the teaching CDs of songs popular in Calontir.  All works are in the public domain, or are used by permission.  This CD was first distributed in February of A.S. XXXXIII.

  1. At the Battle of Maldon by Rosalind Jehanne; sung by Dorcas Whitecap, Mathurin Kerbusso and Ingeborg bildrbriótr Ulfsdottir
  2. Sing Calontir written and performed by Hyrim de Guillon (ghee-ohn)
  3. Swan Road written and performed by Master Mikal Hrafspa, called “the Ram”
  4. As One written and performed by Dolan Madoc
  5. Song of Roland by Rosalind Jehanne; sung by Dorcas, Ingeborg and Mathurin
  6. Benevento words by Hyrim de Guillon (ghee-ohn), tune is The Good Old Way ( traditional ); sung by Hyrim
  7. Undefeated by Lucia Elena Braganza; sung by Dorcas
  8. We Be Soldiers Three ( traditional); sung by Dorcas, Mathurin and Ingeborg
  9. Men of the North written and performed by Valdemar Ironfist
  10. William the Marshal words by Cariadoc of the Bow, tune by Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon; sung by Dorcas, Ingeborg and Mathurin
  11. Fruit of the Yew written and performed by James Treebull the Stubborn
  12. In Praise of the New Knighthood by Sir Bryce de Byram; sung by Dorcas, Mathurin and Ingeborg
  13. Loki’s Song written and performed by Master Mikal the Ram
  14. Song of the Red War Boat words by Rudyard Kipling, tune by Erich Hlodowechssun; performed by Erich Hlodowechssun
  15. More by Dolan Madoc, sung by Dorcas, Ingeborg and Mathurin
  16. Compact Between Horse and Man written and performed by Dorcas Whitecap
  17. Hail the Striking Falcon by Dwolm Rede; sung by Dorcas, Majnun ibn Nizami Tabel Ragis and Mathurin
  18. I Will Mourn My King by Andrew Lyon of Wolvenwood; sung by Miriam von Schwarzwald
  19. Drums words by Nazir Al-Tawil, tune is Scotland the Brave; sung by Dorcas, Majnun and Mathurin

Non-commercial performance and copying of this CD is permitted. For information on all other uses, please contact Mathurin Kerbusso, aka Rex Deaver, who will assist you in contacting the original creators of these works. Please respect the legal rights of our artists.



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