The step-by-step instructions for using The CalonSound Project Helpers to submit recordings to The CalonSound Project.

If for any reason you are not comfortable uploading your recording yourself, The CalonSound Project Helpers will be happy to help you do it.

In order for The CalonSound Project to upload your recordings to the Internet Archive for you, you need to provide signed, written permission.

Download the CalonSound Release form. This is a multi-page PDF document that contains instructions, a blank form, a sample form to demonstrate how to fill it out, and a short explanation of the Creative Commons license.

Follow the instructions on the first page. If your recording was made by The CalonSound Project, simply fill out the release form and send it in. If you made the recording yourself, or someone else made if for you, send a digital copy of the recording along with your completed release form.

When The CalonSound Project receives your release form (and recording, if appropriate) the Helpers will upload your recording and set a link to it on The CalonSound Project website. If you do not already have an Internet Archive account, the Helpers will set one up for you. Just be sure to mark the box giving them permission to do so.

Once completed, the Helpers will notify you by email that all the steps you authorized have been completed. The email will include a link to the new page on the Internet Archive and to the link on The CalonSound Project website.

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