Submitting to The CalonSound Project

All submissions to The CalonSound Project must meet the following

  • The sound file must be stored on the Internet Archive.
  • The sound file must be licensed under, at minimum, a Creative Commons Attribution license.
  • However, The CalonSound Project strongly recommends a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license for the way most artists in the SCA want their work to be used*.
  • The Keyword field (see the method pages for instructions) must include “calonsound” and either “song”, “story”, “poem”, or “instrumental” as appropriate.

There are two suggested methods for submitting your recordings. These are listed in the Submitting category.

But remember, if you have problems, or are just plain intimidated by the technology, don’t worry. Helpers are waiting to assist you!

*See the Creative Commons license descriptions for explanations of the choices, and for other licenses that you might want to consider for other uses

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